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Looking for a CV template as a postman? To apply successfully, you need the correct application documents. We would like to support you in this. The official job title of the postman is a specialist for a courier, express, and postal services. Deutsche Post is of course one of our best-known employers. However, employment is also possible with courier and parcel services, among other things. In addition to distributing the letters, sorting them is usually one of the tasks of a postman.

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Convince with your CV

Your resume is sure to be one of the most important parts of your postman application. Because in this you give your potential future employer the chance to get an idea of ​​your qualities at a glance. This enables him to quickly see whether you are even suitable for the position to be filled. Make sure that your résumé is both clear and complete. Neither your training nor your professional career should be missing.

creative resume template for Google Docs

Professional design is essential

Also, do not forego details about possible further training courses that you have completed. At least if these are relevant to your job, they are a big plus. We also recommend that you use the résumé to inform the company about your knowledge and skills. Especially if you already have experience in the areas of postal logistics, letter sorting, and postal services, this is an advantage that will be well received in your application. So that your application as a postman contains all the necessary information, it is best to simply use our CV template.

resume template for Google Docs